Do you know Nikon?

Nikon isn't just about cameras.

In hospitals, in laboratories, in factories, in space;

in response to the challenges and needs of people.

Nikon offers various products and solutions with optical technologies.

Healthcare Business


What's happening inside small compartments.

Since Robert Hooke discovered cells (cell = small compartment) in the 17th century using a microscope, optical technology has advanced in search of even more minute domains. Through the high precision lenses and image analysis technologies, Nikon has developed super-resolution microscopes capable of capturing not only entire cells, but also their internal structures in molecular level. If the mechanism of the biological phenomenon can be understood through these superior optical technologies, they can be applied to developing new therapeutics or drugs. We hope that discoveries in the microscopic world can eventually lead to great hope for mankind. Nikon's challenges continue.


(Regenerative medicine/Drug discovery support)

We won't let regenerative medicine end as just a hope.

Stem cells such as ES and iPS cells open up new possibilities for healthcare. Massive amount of cell culture is definitely required to use these in regenerative medicine and new drug development. However, until now, trained experience was indispensable in order to discern cells that grow differently. Using image pattern recognition technology, Nikon developed a system for checking cells in place of human eyes. This allows for mass production of cells in consistent quality without over-reliance on engineers and researchers. For the benefit of as many people as possible who are waiting for treatment. There are things that can be achieved with the power of Nikon.


Ophthalmic diagnosis easy for both patients and doctors.

Nikon continues to strive toward support of inspection/diagnostic solution in the field of retinal imaging. One example is an ocular fundus inspection device that can capture an area of roughly 80% of the retina in a single optical scan. Since patients don't need to take medicine to open the pupil, they can return to normal daily activities right after the examination. In addition, support measures for doctor diagnoses are possible through combining this with image analysis using AI. Because finding an illness is the first step toward fighting it, Nikon provides assistance in early detection.

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